Juz’ 18 – God is Light

Today’s Juz’ covers Al-Mu’minun [23]:1 to Al-Furqan [25]:20. The themes discussed in these ayat include (1) disrespect to former messengers; (2) the surety of the resurrection; (3) penalty for adultery;  (4) penalties for falsely accusing another of adultery; and (5) how believers should dress.



Ramadan Mubarak.

The ayat I have chosen for today celebrates God as light.

“God is the Light of the heavens and earth. His light is like this: there is a niche, and in it a lamp, the lamp inside a glass, a glass like a glittering star, fuelled from a blessed olive tree from neither east nor west, whose oil almost gives light even when no fire touches it—light upon light—God guides whoever He will to his Light; God draws such comparisons for people; God has full knowledge of everything—shining out in houses of worship. God knew that they would be raised high and His name will be remembered in them, with men in them celebrating his glory morning and evening: men who are not distracted, either by commerce or profit, from remembering God, keeping up the prayer, and paying the prescribed alms, fearing a day when hearts and eyes will turn over.” (Al-Nur [24]:35-37)


For most people, the very thought about being surrounded by darkness evokes feelings of fear. Even those who live in areas punctuated by dark periods can never become fully accustomed to their surroundings and will often stumble or be subject to ambush. Sadly, in the realm of the spirit, many have become so familiar with the dark works of Satan that they fail to realize there is a better way.

Our merciful God does not like to see his creation stumbling in darkness and is constantly calling men and women to experience the fullness of life that can only be known by submitting to his light. The ayat above celebrate God’s ability to not only raise people from their spiritual darkness but set them on a path of righteousness where their hearts are turned to him and Him alone. The joy of those who walk in God’s light is also celebrated in the Zabur.



“Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; mercy and truth go before your face. Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound! They walk, O LORD in the light of Your countenance. In Your Name they rejoice all day long, and in Your Righteousness they are exalted. For You are the Glory of their strength, and in Your Favor our horn is exalted. For our shield belongs to the LORD, and our king to the Holy One of Israel.” (Psalm 89:14-18)



In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate, I thank You for guiding with Your Light. As I follow You, may You guide me along Your Path of righteousness and justice. In Your Holy Name I pray. Amen.